meet the maker

Welcome to the "Meet the Maker" introduction page, where we have the pleasure of introducing you to an extraordinary individual, Harlequin Okikai, our seamstress and owner of Okikai Designs, who is also a mother and a talented DJ.

With a rich experience of 20 years in the field of sewing and garment making, Harlequin has honed her skills to perfection, delivering impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail in every piece she creates. Each item carries the essence of her passion for creating beautiful and unique clothing that focuses on comfort and celebrates individuality.

Beyond her role as a skilled artisan, Harlequin is a devoted mother. Balancing the demands of motherhood with her business, she understands the importance of comfort, practicality, and style in women's clothing. This understanding reflects in her designs, as she crafts garments that effortlessly blend fashion and functionality, allowing women to feel confident and comfortable in their everyday lives.

But that's not all – when she's not busy sewing or spending time with her family, you'll find her expressing her creative energy as a DJ. Music is her soul, and she knows how to create the perfect atmosphere to uplift spirits and bring joy to those around her. Whether it's at events, parties, or simply rocking her turntables at home, her DJing talent adds another layer to her vibrant personality.

Apart from her creative pursuits, our seamstress has a passion for cooking, exploring new recipes, and embracing the flavors of different cuisines. She believes that food brings people together and loves sharing her culinary creations with friends and loved ones. Her love for plants and gardening also inspires her to create clothing that connects with nature, incorporating botanical motifs and organic elements into her designs.

One of the things that truly sets our seamstress apart is her genuine desire to help others. She extends her kindness and compassion by offering support, advice, and mentorship to aspiring seamstresses and designers. She believes in lifting each other up and fostering a sense of community within the creative industry.

We hope this introduction gives you a glimpse into the remarkable woman behind the scenes. As you explore her handmade women's clothing collection, you'll witness the fusion of her unique talents, passions, and values. Embrace her creations and join us in celebrating the artistry, love, and dedication that go into every piece.