DJ Harlequin - House music is a big passion!
Harlequin Okikai is the creative force behind Oki Kai Designs. Born in Kentucky to an English mum and American dad, Harlequin is the eldest of five children (plus another two half-siblings.) The family moved back and forth between the UK and America for her upbringing, then made a final move from Wales to Oregon in 2003.

She's fortunate to have been encouraged to pursue her passions and explore her creativity from an early age. “In 2007 I acquired a small studio space in a boutique in Eugene, Oregon managed by designer LauraLee Laroux.  I had just discovered the local electronic music scene and had a vision of a clothing silhouette that I wanted to create"

Sewing and tailoring has remained the constant creative outlet and in 2011 Oki Kai Designs was born, featuring club and festival couture.

Oki Kai Designs has since evolved and expanded into fine lingerie and swimwear, plus silky soft bamboo wear.

“Inspired by the Community I live in, and many other beautiful and colorful experiences I have collected. I am dedicated to creating quality custom handmade wearable treasures.”


On a mission of self expression.

"Oki-Kai" is the middle name I was given, to mean “inner magical power & ocean”.

We know how much our oceans are hurting - it is a priority of Oki Kai Designs to give back all we can.  We care about the impact and harm that humans have caused to our global home.

Our mission is to give back to the planet one sale at a time. Of every sale, 5% of the profits are donated to the Conservation International - Oceans.